"Michael Kerner is an outstanding psychologist.  Very compassionate, very smart.  His

advice is always very well thought out and well considered.  His feet are totally on the

ground.  He cares about his patients and is not just a money guy.  High integrity and

highest ethical standards.  There are lots of bright psychologists around but this man has

a heart, too.  Highest possible recommendation." - Michael M. (Saratoga, CA)

"Dr. Kerner continues to be a highly experienced, excellent teacher and psychologist. I

benefited from his instruction in 1990 when I attended an AATBS workshop to prepare for

licensing in California, and then again in 2013 when I attended an AATBS workshop to

prepare for licensing in Nevada. On both occasions, Dr. Kerner proved to be an

inspirational and excellent instructor. His commitment to ensuring my success - as an

older psychologist who had been licensed for 23 years - was to provide me with

invaluable pro bono extra tuition in psychological assessment in preparation for 2013

exam. As a result, I attribute passing the exam to the fact that I once again befitted from

having a truly great teacher, a psychologist who consistently raises the bar for all

psychologists in terms of maintaining high ethical standards and clinical expertise, but

who also demonstrates kindness and compassion." - Brita M. (Reno, NV)

"Dr. Kerner is the angel of our life. He saved our family from falling apart. He listened to

our family and cared sincerely not only as a loving family man but as a professional too.

He understood my child and helped us accomplish the necessary for happiness. His

staff are amazing, patient people and were professional. He was always concerned

about his clients and their well-being." - PP (Los Altos, CA)

"Dr. Kerner was our Court Appointed Custody Evaluator during our divorce.  We worked

with Dr. Kerner for over a 4 year period with issues pertaining to the custody of our

daughter.  Dr. Kerner was an EXCELLENT evaluator and I would highly recommend him

as a Custody Evaluator.  He was professional, ethical, unbiased, conscientious and very thorough.  My divorce was particularly difficult with many complicated custody issues to sort through.  Dr. Kerner was extremely knowledgeable and professional in making recommendations that were in the best interest of my daughter.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kerner as a custody evaluator and feel very fortunate to have worked with him in this capacity." - SH (Menlo Park, CA)

"As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Kerner is well respected by the courts in Santa Clara County and surrounding counties.  He brings years of experience as a custody evaluator and as an expert in court.  He has worked at Stanford Medical Center in their Department of Psychiatry and has been a consultant to the San Jose Police Department.  His experience and dedication is invaluable.  I highly recommend Dr. Kerner." - Jeremy D. (Syracuse, NY)

​"Dr. Kerner helped my ex-husband and I negotiate the treacherous waters of divorce by providing skillful, professional and compassionate mediation. He taught us to put the best interests of our children beyond our differences. His experience as a custody evaluator has made him extremely insightful about the best ways to proceed through all the issues that come up and the impact on the kids. The process was difficult but Dr. Kerner handled our emotions with understanding and a keen sense of humor about life and the human condition. He kept us mindful of the goal that our children were going to be okay despite the changes. I strongly recommend Dr. Michael Kerner to any divorcing couples who want a divorce that will be as healthy as possible for the family." - Sandra B. (Hollister, CA)

"Dr. Kerner was hired as the custody evaluator for my family, and I am very pleased and impressed with his thoroughness, thoughtfulness and professionalism. His professional approach, which is grounded by years of valuable experience, intelligence, and true caring, ensures the best interests of the child are served. I experienced him to be fair and extremely competent. He takes the time and effort to get to know the families involved and he acts in the best interest of children which is what a custody evaluator must do. He does his best to get families involved in conflict to meet and attempt to problem solve in therapeutic environments when possible.  If families can't come to agreements, Dr. Kerner does everything within his power to help the families while making sure that the child remains the top priority.  I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Kerner's services to anyone." - VB (Morgan Hill, CA)

"I highly recommend the services of Dr. Michael Kerner PhD.  
Dr. Kerner first became involved in our custody case in 2009, and he has remained our custody evaluator to present date. From the beginning, Dr. Kerner kept our son's best interests in the forefront, and maintained an empathic and balanced assessment of our son's experience and circumstances, and in the end he advocated recommendations that truly supported our son's needs." - Stephanie F (Morgan Hill, CA)

"I have never posted a review of any sort on any website over the internet until now.
I gladly submit this review to highly recommend to any individual dealing with emotional stress and uncertainty in their lives, needing and seeking professional psychological therapy the benefit I have experienced being treated by Dr. Michael J. Kerner.  He offered practical advice which helped me deal with difficult choices to many sensitive issues. He did not tell me what I should or should not do, but gave me direction. It was evident to me that Dr. Kerner has had many years of experience working with people in similar situations like mine. I applied his advice to many difficult issues and things could not have worked out any better for me and my children. His support empowered me with self confidence I needed at that critical time. This confidence was key to helping me cope with and overcome my personal crisis. Today, I have two healthy and happy teenagers with promising futures. I'm proud to say our whole family is successful. Dr. Michael J. Kerner is an instrumental part of that success." - Steve R (San Jose, CA)

Michael Kerner, PH.D.     #PSY 10641